Who We Are

Hi, we are the family behind Ang Buhay Lokal.

We are Bobby Guingona and RJ Dancel: eager wanderers, passion pursuers and first-time parents to our son, Yñigo. Throughout the years of being together, and being parents, we’ve come to realize how experiencing life to the fullest doesn’t mean having everything.

Life, love and family is what empowers us to move forward and as long as we have this, we can conquer anything in front of us. This journey we are in is not about the destination but about the experiences, the memories and the knowledge we take with in and share with the rest of the world.

Journey To An Unplugged Life

The world is your child’s best playground to explore, discover and welcome a flow of information that will do him well as he grows older. We plan on giving our family the space to be an open flow, discover places where we can find ourselves in, and set a pace for growth… as individuals and as a family.

Our Dream

We want to bring our family to all 82 provinces of the Philippines. Why? As much as we live in a world that shows us the whole world in a single page, we forget the essence of each and every place. The beauty that lies beneath [what we see] cannot be experienced in pictures and words. We want you to see, feel, and be in it as we are.

Being An Open Flow

Throughout our family’s adventures, we welcome the infinite knowledge that the earth provides us, and share it with everyone who is willing to learn.  We are grounding ourselves to a life that is sustainable, intentional and inspired. The flow of knowledge never stops with us, nor should it stop with you.