Ang Buhay Lokal
Ang Buhay Lokal

About us

Ang Buhay Lokal is a website started by RJ Dancel and Bobby Guingona. We feature stories on family, local travel (especially with our son, Ynigo), and what we discover along the way.

To be honest, the site has undergone a lot of changes. From being a mommy blog, it has transformed into a family and local travel website to help readers gain a new set of eyes for the beauty that our country (and the world) possesses.

We are a family that has dedicated our lives to discover the true meaning of living in the Philippines, and what others should learn from this land we call ‘home’.

It serves as a place to connect with people, to share meaningful experiences and stories that move us. It welcomes raw conversations on living in the Philippines -- what it means to live here, how the lessons [we pick up] integrate in our family’s everyday lives, and how to love what’s ours.

We have a renewed spirit for #AngBuhayLokal and we just want to be more active in reaching more people with similar interests. Though it may contain stories of our family's experiences, we want it to be a leading resource for all things ‘family’ & ‘local travel’.

We are grounding ourselves to a life that is [somewhat] sustainable, intentional and inspired. The flow of knowledge never stops with us, nor should it stop with you. Throughout our family’s adventures, we welcome the infinite knowledge that the earth provides us, and we want to impart that with anyone and everyone who is willing to learn.