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A Guilt-Free Affair

#GuiltFreeAffair  gave me an understanding of what mindful health really is - stuffing down not shit food, but food that will really detox, cleanse and rid yourself of negative juju!

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Dreaming With Daydream Republic

Daydream Republic's heart is really all about being a part of everyone's journey to take over the world, one place at a time ~ and providing memorabilia, works of art that can serve as inspiration to reach those dreams... or to be a reminder of what has been accomplished. Read more here!

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Exploring The Wander Space

Don't you get so excited when you see handcrafted leather notebooks on display? What about personal oil blends, gift wrappers with digitalized art patterns, hand-carved stamps, or witty stickers?Well I do. I'm honestly a sucker for these places. So can you imagine the bliss that I felt when I came across The Wander Space

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