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How To Fall In Love With Manila?

I’ve been searching for things in the city to ignite the same spark, the same joy we feel outside of it. How can we fall in love with Manila?

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Bayanihan at The Ayala Museum

This year’s G.A.M.E., BAYANIhan, is particularly inspiring and innovative as it provides a collaborative experience to the art-going public, while honoring our fallen heroes and their families. Read more about it and how you can get your kids involved with this initiative.

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Youniversity Suites: Bringing Back Life to Manila

By the 21st century, you'd think the Laperal was a goner - I mean it was dilapidated, and there was hardly anything that could be salvable. However, its current owners started work on Laperal for about two and a half years after they bought it. They wanted to bring back its original purpose— a top of the line space with good art and good architecture anyone can proudly call home

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